Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment Package(Plus Scalp Analysis)

There are several forms of conventional Hair loss treatment available to us. And there is no “best” treatment overall, as the best treatment for one patient may not be the best for another.

While hair loss is an expected part of ageing, there can be real medical diseases and conditions causing it. And to tell the difference you need a skilled medical Aesthetician to both diagnose and treat. All patients deserve a one on one consultation with a skilled expert Medical Aesthetician to firstly diagnose the exact type and form of hair loss they have and to start the correct form of treatment.

At your initial Hair Loss Consultation, Our Experts will take a full medical history and hair examination. We make our consultations as educational as possible. At Brava Spa, in addition to experts in this field, we use the latest scalp and hair analysis technology to diagnose the causes of hair loss better and choose the best treatment.

So even if treatments are not right for you, you will still leave with a greater appreciation and stronger knowledge base around hair loss.

After consultation and verification that you do not have an underlying medical condition causing your hair loss, you will be presented with several treatment options

The comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment Package includes the following sections.

  • Scalp analysis and  Hair counselling
  • Specialized scalp treatment Services
  • Professional scalp micro-needling  treatment
  • Advising and prescribing suitable hair care products
  • Nutritional advice for the treatment of hair loss
  • Lifestyle counselling with a focus on hair loss



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hair loss treatment brava spa

Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment Package(Plus Scalp Analysis)

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