Skills Needed to be a Successful Cosmetologist

1. Good interpersonal skills
As a cosmetologist, your job is to work with people, connect with them, and help them express their beauty through your services. Your clients are at the centre of everything you do, which means it’s essential that you’re able to get along well with people.

Successful cosmetologists are sensitive to and considerate of their clients’ insecurities. Appearances can be a sensitive topic, and it’s challenging to predict what feature someone may feel self-conscious about. Strong listening skills and empathy are essential cosmetology skills!

2. Self-motivated
Beauty careers are unique in the flexibility they allow. As a cosmetologist, you won’t be working 9-5 Monday through Friday. Once you start seeing clients, your schedule will be based on their appointments. You can choose to work full-time, part-time, or employ yourself and create your own schedule.

With this flexibility and the nature of building your own client base, it’s important that you’re self-motivated, driven and proactive. Calling out of work more than necessary could mean losing a client in the beauty industry. Successful cosmetologists are motivated to show up, cultivate a positive atmosphere for their client, and create a quality look.

3. Strong portfolio
Over time, a lot of your new clients will come from referrals of current clients and from seeing your portfolio! Most successful cosmetologists use social media to post their creations and share with the world.

Social media is extremely effective for showing pictures of your clients’ before/after transformations, and tagging popular hashtags that potential clients are using to search for cosmetologists in your area. A strong business Instagram profile is essentially a convenient virtual business card.

While having a virtual portfolio isn’t necessarily a cosmetology “skill”, it does require some social media know-how to be able to gain the full benefit from these platforms.

4. Creativity
Successful cosmetologists are creative! They don’t use the same designs and color palettes with every client. A huge part of being a successful cosmetologist is knowing how to work with each unique client. You need the creativity necessary to adapt your approach to each client’s preferences, facial features, and complexion.

You’ll work with clients of all different skin tones, with different facial features, different textures, and unique insecurities. You’ll need to know how to mold your approach and come up with creative ideas to make each client feel beautiful.

5. Understand color theory
Whether you become a hair stylist or makeup artist, you’ll need to understand color theory and know how colors interact with each other. With almost any cosmetology career, you’ll be advising clients on compatible colors, mixing colors or blending colors together.

Understanding color is one of the most important cosmetology skills – you could really upset a client if you mix the wrong colors!

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